Monday, July 21, 2014

Birthday 2014: The birthday with five cakes!

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Ooops, it wasn't exactly the way I had planned to start this day but Luke and I were still drinking Cava at 4am just as the sun was rising on my birthday! I didn't mind though. It was such a fun way to start my birthday.

Luke and I were sitting in my mini-me apartment chatting away when I received a message from Grace (DA,B) RIGHT. ON. THE. DOT at 12:00 with a link to a HAND DRAWN BIRTHDAY ANIMATION!!! AMAZING! I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS ON EARTH! Luke and I watched it about five times before I called Grace laughing!

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Presents had been arriving via courier during the week including this amazing Gorman dress from Mama-sando. At midnight I decided it was acceptable to open this gorgeous treat from David in Kyoto. Um, how on earth did he know my favourite nail polish. Amaze!

 photo DSCF3369_zpsc0aec4ce.jpg

After about 4 hours sleep, just as I was heading out the door for birthday breakfast, an express post package from James in Australia arrived. Cherry Bakewell tarts and a sweet "Did you spot Hello Sandwich on the card?" card. Nice timing, Harold.
 photo DSCF3348_zpsd3fd5ae2.jpg

Birthday breakfast was at Pan to Espresso to with Luke and Moto-chan. We sat outdoors, drinking espresso, and hid undercover from the rain. I ordered my favourite number 6 Olivie sandwich which you really must try it if you're in Omotesando.

 photo -1_zps84130a61.jpg

A few hours, and a few blocks away, and it was time to meet Mami-chan at another favourite cafe in Omotesando (A-Z cafe). Mami-chan - you're the master of cute presents and cute wrapping!

 photo DSCF3336_zpsf7a8ddb1.jpg

Knowing just how much I adore stamps, Mami-chan had ordered a selection of vintage Japanese stamps online for me! OMG!

 photo photo1_zps25a799c4.jpg

Gahhhhh and then the first of five birthday cakes came out with the A-Z staff singing Happy Birthday to me. Goodness, looking out over Aoyama and spending a special birthday time here in Tokyo - just amazing!

 photo IMG_8429blog_zps5d9ad921.jpg

After lunch I popped down to Labi Yamada denki to collect my birthday-present-to-myself. A FujiFilm x20. LOVE.
 photo DSCF3315_zpsfbdd0535.jpg

A few hours later and I was off to meet Grace for dinner at my favourite Shimokita izakaya. Grace had illustrated me an amazing personalised book for my birthday! Full of hilarious personal jokes. THE BEST!(ID,B - I just made up this new one DA,B - can you get it? Ref: My latest Hulu infatuation)

 photo DSCF3318_zps76abe564.jpg

 photo DSCF3386blog_zpsb413111d.jpg

 photo photo2_zpsd545e624.jpg

The second of the five birthday cakes was served here!

 photo DSCF3356blog_zpsf7a4da0b.jpg

A slight hangover on the day after my birthday, but I managed to make it to lunch in Harajuku with Boco-chan. We went to The Deck, Coffee and Pie. Definitely recommend this place!

Boco-chan printed on this adorable wrapping paper 'EboBento' and 'HaroSushi'. Gahhhhhh my friends are the best!

 photo DSCF3361blog_zpsd5626aa3.jpg

 photo DSCF3046_zps5cacc373.jpg

A few hours later, and it was more kanpai fun with my lovely group of friends at Izakaya En in Shibuya. I celebrated my 30th birthday here at this exact table when I first moved to Tokyo.

 photo gohan_zps47ab4c6c.jpg

You can't beat the food at this izakaya.

 photo DSCF3090_zpsbde58dd3.jpg

 photo DSCF3137_zpse920eed0.jpg

One of my lovely friends, Toshi, shares his birthday on the exact same day as me. 27th June. So much fun celebrating together! The third of five cakes! For your benefit, I've spared you the silly cake-cutting / birthday-present-opening photos that followed the blowing out of candles. But, gosh, those photos are such incredible memories of such a fun nigh.

 photo DSCF3161_zps85bf6baa.jpg

Nice effort making a mess of this table.

 photo rhys_zps84341efb.jpg

Nijikai. Rhys was in town from Hong Kong and we drank Gin and Tonic's and dark beers and chatted about lenses and tripods. My favourite types of conversations.

 photo 04_zps3ab9ec35.jpg

And then, oh dear, it was time for tequila shots!

 photo DSCF3182_zpsae1b74ba.jpg

 photo DSCF3221_zpseeda779c.jpg

Sanjikai Sleeping Beauty.

 photo ramen_zpsf8beaf36.jpg

Compulsory 3am ramen in Shibuya.

 photo Taxi_zpsc7ff4776.jpg

A taxi home just as the sun was popping up.

 photo DSCF3311_zps73bfb182.jpg

I woke up around lunch time the following day to photograph most beautiful presents ever. These divine dishes were perfectly selected from my gorgeous friends. It's incredible just how well they know me! I adore these!
 photo DSCF3319_zps8179193d.jpg

 photo DSCF3323_zps8d2b5dfe.jpg

More presents arrived in the post over the following days. A collage style record from my darling friend Jessie who lives in London, and a Cy Twombly-esque furoshiki from her daughter (my little god daughter) Flux.

 photo DSCF3363_zpsdf311cfb.jpg

Pretty pasta from newlyweds Tenda and Yuko.

 photo DSCF3389blog_zpsd6fc6ab0.jpg

 photo Presents_zps54c63d44.jpg

 photo DSCF3576blog_zpsb68167d9.jpg

And just as I thought I was already pushing it with the celebrations, there was a Sangria Birthday party at my friends shop SUGAR TOWN!

 photo DSCF3595blog_zps1472bd78.jpg

Takuya-san made his famous sangria. You're the best, Takuya!!!

 photo DSCF3606blog_zps1e2c5178.jpg

 photo DSCF3689low_zps2f25849f.jpg

 photo DSCF3682blog_zpsbe57e589.jpg

 photo DSCF3643blog_zps5030e58c.jpg

The fourth of five cakes! Swoon!

 photo DSCF3673blog_zps3b64411d.jpg

I honestly thought this was the finale to an amazing birthday, but then, I went to dinner at Aoya and my friends surprised me with the sweetest present.

 photo DSCF4005_zps3abf7c00.jpg
Ros made me this adorable Mt. Fuji pouch with a little Hello Sandwich going up and down Mt. Fuji. SOOOO cute!

 photo DSCF4008_zps089ec813.jpg

Hiki-chan excelled herself with the loveliest of wrappings! This self-designed wrapping paper is from her shop Uguisu and features the buildings iconic door and Mimosa tree. Inside was a divine Miso cooking book and a beautiful paper zipper pouch from Box & Needle.

 photo DSCF4015_zpsc25be153.jpg
Somehow we have been lucky enough to become friends with amazing LA based singer songwriter Priscilla Ahn who has just written music for Ghibli's new movie 'When Marnie Was There'. This special set of pencils and sketchbook were made especially for the movie. 

 photo DSCF3842_zpsa6c9cc7b.jpg

And a perfect evening and perfect birthday finished off here with the FIFTH cake. Gosh, I seriously have the best friends in the world.

Thank you so much darling ones.

Love you lots. 

Love Love
Hello Sandwich


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Four Years Living In Tokyo Today!

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Sandwiches! Four years ago today I packed up my life and moved to Tokyo! Best decision of my life.

I took an aerobics class this morning. I forgot they turn off the regular lights and put on disco lights at the end. Here I was, at 11am, a foreigner in Tokyo, dancing away with a room full of Japanese people yelling 'Yew!' and 'Yeah!'. Hah. Hilarious way to mark this anniversary.

The gym classes are always a good two-in-one deal. I get a workout and get a free Japanese lesson at the same time. I pride myself on being quite coordinated when it comes to dance after years of Physi and Latin American dance (and hey, I danced in the Sydney Olympic Opening Ceremony, you know ha ha) but oh dear, today I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, wobbling around like a crazy woman, awkwardly two beats behind everyone. You know when you see beginner dancers throwing their arms up in the air only to find that the rest of the class have already moved onto the next step (where the arms are NOT in the air) and their two little arms are the only ones sticking up. That was me! Gaijin represent! At one stage the entire class was facing me because I'd missed one of the '三拍子' (triple time) or whatever the instructor was rattling on about. 三拍子, by the way, sounded very much like the pronounciation for 'three seconds' which kind of had me confused. Three seconds - no, wait - three times! By the time I'd realised this, then they were all up to the second time and I was still holding for three seconds. Jeez. I had to laugh at myself. That's what happens when you decide to launch back into a fitness routine with the advanced class at Tipness. I've decided to blame it entirely on my less than perfect Japanese rather than admit that I've lost my touch when it comes to the moves on the dance floor.

Some say it takes hearing a new word three times before you remember it. I think I've finally got 'くりかえし' (repeat) after today. The first time I heard it, I was standing in a queue in a Shinjuku department store just before one of my workshops. An announcement came over the loud speaker 'We will soon have a workshop by the very popular blogger Hello Sandwich-san, くりかえし, we will soon have a workshop by the very popular blogger Hello Sandwich-san'. Ha, very popular, I wish! They will try anything to round up the masses! It always fascinates me the way Japanese words get stuck in your word bank.

 photo Daizawa01_zpsf74074e9.jpg

I'm so happy to be living here.

Taking shoes off indoors, road workers who bow as you walk past, a friendly お疲れ様です(good job) said to you after you try on a dress, polka dot trucks, packaging that is aesthetically designed and also easy to open (WHY this is not the norm everywhere continues to baffle me), bleach in tiffany blue and pink bottles, being able to call up and select a re-delivery time for courier packages, Sekaido and Tokyu Hands and their endless craft supplies, nomihoudai parties, trains that come down-to-the-second on time and arrive at stations each with their own little melody, convenience stores that are actually convenient where you can do anything from send a package / pay bills / buy delicious food or even collect a package, points cards, walking home through smoky back alleys of six-seater yakitori bars, spotting men walk to the local sento with their little plastic basket of shampoo / body wash and towel, the pleasant smell of washing liquid running under the drains in Shimokitazawa, the almost curated display of Japanese books in Sanseido, shops that stay open later than 6pm and bars that stay open until 26:00, the orderly rush at Shinjuku station in peak hour, the polite nods from strangers who apologise in advance for squashing onto the train just when you are certain there is absolutely no more room (there is always more room), the glistening little red lights on the top of buildings, legal 'roadies' on cat street with friends, buses shaped like cartoon dogs, missing the last train and being able to walk home from Shibuya, making wishes at the shrine, the sweet smell of Miso soup cooking on a neighbours stove, the daily 5pm bell and it's variations in different neighbourhoods, oshibori, bike riding without helmets...gosh, and so much more.

Love you Japan!


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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Real Living Magazine

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Thank you lovely people over at Real Living magazine for this little Hello Sandwich page in your new issue! And a big congratulations on 100 issues! Yay!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Japanese Magazine Shoot

 photo IMG_6570_zps4df1f61b.jpg

Hello Sandwiches!

The day started with a colourful breakfast, green smoothie and a 'Cafe Use' coffee whilst reading my quantum physics book. A relaxing walk along the Daizawa nature walk listening to my favourite podcast. A spot of shopping in Shimokita for last minute props. And, since just after lunch, I've been painting away prepping for a shoot for a Japanese craft magazine tomorrow. It's rainy season and pouring outside now. I feel so lucky that I don't have to head out in the rain tonight, but instead, I can keep working away listening to the lovely rain and 'Visions' album by Grimes. I really love 'Oblivion', 'Vowels = Space and Time', 'Be a Body' and 'Colour of Moonlight' tracks. How about you?

Stay dry, Sandwiches!

P.S. Do you have any favourite podcasts?


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Onigiri station なう!

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 photo onigiri02_zps80c968d9.jpg

 photo onigiri03_zpsc67aa255.jpg

Hello Sandwiches!

There's been a little onigiri station happening over here in Shimokitazawa this afternoon. I made three types.

1) Hijiki
2) Wakame & goma furikake with shiso
and 3) The gaijin version - asparagus, leek, parsley, pea and pepper.

I'm off to my friends party now.

Happy Sunday night, Sandwiches!


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Early June in Tokyo, 2014

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A Russian Bay Leaf tea from Kyoto and my little Rice decopatch pencil box.

 photo 926452_226627690880340_792923703_n_zps09c4450e.jpg

I was on my way to my first Japanese wedding! (Probably shouldn't have had those last few glasses of Cava and missed the last train the night before though...) The dress code was 'colourful'. So sweet! I wore this necklace and bag with a green silk Gorman dress and some suede magenta bow pumps. Gosh, I hope I didn't go overboard on the dress code. Hah!

 photo 928266_257265731130652_1781065484_n_zps63fa3b06.jpg

やった!I caught the bouquet!!!

 photo 1743056_262039807314265_1716887681_n_zps297047cd.jpg

Roadies Tokyo style with Matt and Joel. Best guys ever.

 photo 10362176_576723912445817_2012510265_n_zps36ad6b73.jpg

A few to many of these at Martin's super fun birthday. Special thanks to Matt for this shot. I realllllly need to update my iphone.

 photo 10424623_1386370314986010_1466779780_n_zps9c85f9c9.jpg

OMG! I turned up to dinner with DA and we both had new op-shop clothes on - IN (almost) EXACTLY THE SAME PRINT!? Amazing, no!?

 photo 10358293_279025895608674_967552525_n_zps052a75ae.jpg

THEN we ate food which was almost as colourful. If you're in Shinsen, please try this place.

 photo 10358343_325296054287968_26341801_n_zps810925a4.jpg

Flat white with Luke at 'Bondi Coffee Sandwiches' which has just opened up in Tomigaya. You can take the girl outta Australia but...

 photo photo3_zps41b6a028.jpg

THIS is my supermarket! Love you Japan!

 photo 10375803_772669396087927_1858755382_n_zpsdeed504f.jpg

Apparently there were 30 different things in this ¥412 'balance' supermarket obento.

 photo 10375722_1426751577596976_1422219108_n_zpsc944ce75.jpg

 photo IMG_5887_zps6bce421d.jpg

Crafting away as usual.
 photo 10413097_1433310440262804_540287612_n_zps4484d6e2.jpg

Edges of Japanese packaging 'Lettuce, Saran Wrap, Cheese and Pasta'.

 photo IMG_6310_zps47ffbdcd.jpg

More adorable Japanese packaging.

 photo IMG_5624_zps90967761.jpg

 photo 10413775_1495034004042579_446282496_n_zps3465b5fa.jpg

My friend Kazumi just released her latest craft book!

 photo 925012_1451723651736936_1311082417_n_zps977a4fca.jpg

She put the Aussie newsagents bag I gave her to good use!

 photo 10414041_1490450211186823_1273664423_n_zpsc2c93e6e.jpg

One of the good things about Tokyo's humid Summer.

 photo 10413121_1445065442409952_23249757_n_zps75092fc6.jpg

Sandwiches! I'll be hosting another workshop at Tokyu Hands Shinjuku on 15th June. Hope you can come along! More details as soon as I have them.

 photo 10413952_331455787002722_1156785797_n_zpsf4bb60f4.jpg

A slight addiction.

 photo 10424592_251239435079229_1061471156_n_zps94c24f67.jpg

Hello Sandwich (messy) desk.

 photo IMG_5323_zpsfe84f482.jpg

 photo IMG_5640_zps897ed694.jpg

 photo 10449097_297781430388320_841010935_n_zps651cb0b3.jpg

 photo 10424368_1420320148252523_696683815_n_zpse5cc8d15.jpg

A spur of the moment all-nighter with Mr Drew.

 photo IMG_6182_zps823d1092.jpg

The light at 4am - gosh!

 photo IMG_6210_zpsb2d29360.jpg

 photo IMG_6224_zps9c106aba.jpg

No rest for Yamato.

 photo IMG_6227_zpsc8fe1c9f.jpg

This used to be the Odakyu-sen.

 photo IMG_6208_zps7f91ff61.jpg

Decided to make this black and white after watching this Moriyama film (Thanks, James).

 photo 10362176_565612186885768_520665861_n_zps0bc3fccf.jpg

Combini - The best place for portraits for Mr Drew.

 photo 10362075_1506610219558082_1972797035_n_zps362b267e.jpg

4:45am Shimokita.

 photo 10362317_323427707782130_1260856674_n_zps5c9010b2.jpg

 photo photo2_zpsfca04e01.jpg

It's rainy season in Tokyo now. My washing machine is full of water and won't start! Gahhh. I have to go to a Sangria party tomorrow and I can't wear this! Send help!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich