Monday, September 1, 2014


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It's not everyday you have a team of eight people from Japan's largest advertising agency, Dentsu, in your teeny Shimokita apartment! Seriously, the last time I had eight people in this tiny apartment was at a Christmas party in 2010! The poor Dentsu people had to sit on my bed. We shot a campaign for POSCA which will be released in October. As usual I hid all of my belongings in my bathroom. I can't wait to show you the link when it's live.

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After the shoot I headed to the Sophie et Chocolat exhibition opening at Gallery SPEAK FOR in Daikanyama. Those clever bunnies.

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Love this girl to bits! She is a fortune teller!

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I want this hair so bad!

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A nijikai at the tiniest live bar in Daikanyama.

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Missed-the-last-train ramen in Shibuya.

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The other day I said 'Konnichiwa' to my cute obaachan neighbour at the fumikiri and we exchanged phone numbers. And on Sunday she called and invited me over for tempura lunch! I feel soooo lucky to have these incredible experiences in Japan even though I'm a gaijin. LUCKY! I left with a bag of eel paste, rice and a pretty tin of tea! Amazing people!

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This is Babachan's sewing room! She sits on a tiny low stool to sew. So Japanese. Swoon!

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Babachan's house.

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Live by Satomi-chan. Was feeling super untalented by this point.

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View from Babachan's rooftop! Over lunch we convinced her to have a BBQ on this incredible rooftop.

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And on Sunday afternoon, I indulged in a few of my favourite things. Eating at my computer, miso with too much wakame and rice topped with gomashio.

Did you have a nice weekend? Tell me what you got up to.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

mt School Shiogama!

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I have some pics of the mt school in Shiogama for you!

Ohhhhhh I LOVE mt so much! And it's a dream come true to work with them.

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Okay, so let's get started. First of all, is this not the cutest family you've ever seen? OMG! I want to be this girl! I took a photo together with the girls and including the odangos on the girl's t-shirts, all together we were a photo of six odangos! Now that's impressive!

 photo 10475162_692481464161687_1377504083_n_zps0e390bc9.jpg

The first thing I saw when I walked up the stairs was this adorable 'SOLD OUT Sorry' drawing of me! Those clever mt people.

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You know, I still can't believe that my face is printed on a mt poster.
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Enter the shop and things start to get dangerous...So. Many. Tapes!

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Shiogama is in Tokohu where the 2011 tsunami hit, so this special Tohoku edition of tape was released.

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The shopping baskets, also amazingly cute!

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These photos were taken before the shop was open, and that was the only time you got to see this area without being surrounded by a frenzy of mt fans. These particular tapes are discontinued so for ¥500 (about $5 AUD) you could fill a pencil tin full of tapes! ヤバイ!

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The mt Shiogama event was held at Birdo Flugas. If you ever find yourself in Shiogama, you absolutely must visit.

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The adorable cuties I got to work with.

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As per all mt events, there was a free space where visitors can enjoy using the tapes. This time around visitors could make a little kokeshi doll. 

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The Hello Sandwich workshops were sold out before I arrived. Yatta!

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This was the beautiful workshop space where I was given to host my workshops.

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Birdo Flugas' owner Aya-san prepared delicious coffee for me each morning. She has THE best ceramics and mugs. Everything in her kitchen was divine.

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Absolutely love these dotty mt windows. I am so tempted to do it at Hello Sandwich HQ.

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There were four Hello Sandwich workshops over the weekend, each with 15 participants. So wonderful to meet 60 new crafters.

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We each made little envelope file folders decorated with mt, Avril string and a little Martha Stewart Crafts punch clasp.

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At each mt school the teacher is asked to issue mt school membership certificates.

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These certificates are to be signed by the teacher. He he.

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mt jenga!

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Not too far from Birdo Flugas space was the Marine area with this brilliant blue and white mt installation.

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On the second floor was a sign pointing to the best location for photos.

 photo DSCF5941_zps0d48feb5.jpg

And so naturally I had to take one.

 photo DSCF5947_zps33bb202e.jpg

Ah, what a lovely time that was! Thank you to everyone who came along. I'm absolutely in love with Tohoku and already planning my next trip back. Actually I was even imaging spending some time in Ishinomaki on a working residency or such...

Hope you enjoyed these pics, Sandwiches. And I hope you can come along to the next mt event!

And thank you so much Aya-san, Kawai-san and all of the team at Kamoi for this wonderful opportunity!

Love Love
Hello Sandwich